Why is it Important for my Child Identifies Handedness: 5 Simple Activities to Reinforce

It is very important that children are aware of their laterality, ie recognize the left and right side of your body and regardless if it is right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous because of this:
✓ It depends on literacy learning.
✓ It depends on the development and maturity of their language.
✓ It helps you locate correctly in space and in relation to other people, places or objects.

To reinforce this learning work it is recommended to children between two and five years of age; in this blog we give some simple guidelines for it and a short tutorial video.
Activities you Can do With your Child:
1. Ask to put silverware on the table: the left hand fork and spoon and knife to the right.
2. When traveling in the car with your child, describe the way: now we will turn to the left, now we will go ahead and we will turn to the right, etc.
3. When walking with your child in the street, let it forward a few steps you clear enough so you do not lose sight or neglect, give indications as you turn on the corner to the right, left, according to which it is directed.
4. When you ask them to reach an object: I request one giving concise indications as hand me the story of Little Red Riding Hood is on the right side of the desk, etc.
5. Play:
✓ Playing just hop on the right foot, then left, to kick the ball with your right foot, then left.
✓ Playing secrets, to listen to the right ear as he says, then listen to the left.
✓ Play pirates, cover your right eye and look for a treasure, then the left eye and cover the other eye.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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