When, How and What Responsibilities Should I Give my Child From 0 to 3 Years

When we give responsibilities to children not only they learn habits but can also develop and / or strengthen areas of learning at home. Here are a few examples of how:

1. Teach Them to Keep Their Toys:
From 6 months can be taught to keep their toys, for it is recommended to have boxes of medium plastic where you can store some toys when put your baby on the table to play gives the open box to be himself the serve, do not place a lot, place up to 6 toys when you get tired of playing with them, you audible voice say to him. "It's time to put toys" is recommended to do singing and keeping the toys one by one, let him participate, then as you grow encourage him handing some to be he who put them away. Sing when you perform the activity will help you relate your baby the sort to enjoy, there rhymes simple songs type or else you can invent one or put a cd trying to be an appropriate song for his age and is always the same one touch to store toys.

To save , to save ,
Toys to save
Guards you , I keep ,
Guarda ( the name of your baby and points )
Save Mom ( and you . Noted )
Keep all to save .
✓ Logical Math: Learn spatial location: inside-out
✓ Quantities: Many, few; numbers 1 to 5, for example.
✓ Classification: Depending on how you have your toys.
✓ Develop Fine Motor Skills: Pressure to catch important for toys coloring, drawing, cutting with scissors, writing.
✓ Acquire Habits of Order and Cleanliness.

2. Bring an Object Ordering Him to Somewhere in the House or to Anyone.
a. Bring your dish or bottle to wash the kitchen, taking care that they are not glass or china but a broken material does not harm the baby.
b. A fruit that reaches his dad, newspaper, etc.
✓ Increase your vocabulary: parts of the house, object names, names of people, etc. Recall that greater vocabulary higher expression level, higher level of intelligence.
✓ Develop your attention and concentration level.
✓ Develop your level Motor Skill: balance, coordination, arms, legs

3. Support the Housecleaning
a. 1 Year onwards, when spill something on the table we can give a cloth to clean what dirtied, definitely maybe embarre more than clean, but then as you grow will improve, the main objective is not clean but acquire habits cleaning then the practice will be to perfect.
b. From 2 to 3 years began to want to imitate what catches their attention as sweeping, currently selling small plastic brooms that can give your child to bar a small area of the house.
✓ Learning by Imitation: Important for the development of thought since representativeness is the level of symbolic thought.
✓ Train your Fine Motor Skills: What will help in coloring, drawing, writing, cutting with scissors, etc.
✓ Train your Dexterity Gross Motor: Coordination arms and legs, balance, strength.
✓ Improves Knowledge of Your Body: Important for spatial location.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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