What a Difference There is Between Love and Spoil

The concern of many parents is: Will I be properly raising my children? Will I be spoiling them? Will I be very strict with them? In this blog we will present some ideas that can help you clear some doubts on this topic:

1. Receive the Right Advice:
There are many books, blogs, programs, psychologists, teachers, friends, etc. Who advise on the upbringing of children and many of the advice they give can contradict each other or contradict our way of thinking and acting, then the question would be: Which advice to follow ?, for this we must be clear some points:

Attend to the Council of Those Who Get Results on What They Counsel: I met a psychologist who told me: "I allow my children to do what they want because I do not want their self-esteem to be damaged and if something should not do I should see the way To explain them without saying the word no”, well, one day she and her two children came to my house, both ages 4 and 7 or so and you will be imagining how they behaved, almost destroy furniture and decorations of my house in the half hour that were there, then I understood that I should not follow their advice despite the masters and doctorates I might have, by this I do not mean that the children of a person who advises us must be perfect since no child It is otherwise it would not be a child but a robot, but another thing very different is that their behaviors are completely inadequate and the parents ignore them.
The Timely Council is the one that Corresponds Effectively to the Basic Principles of a Society: "What behaviors must be corrected?" Is the most common question we ask most parents, the answer is very simple, we must correct those behaviors that do not agree with what we ask others to have with us regardless of whether they give themselves or not such as respect, truthfulness, etc., any advice that does not produce results related to these principles should be discarded.
2. Loving Is Not The Very Thing To Spoil:
Expressing love through words, attitudes or gestures is not the same as spoiling, spoiling is being permissive in the face of inappropriate behavior, both are a vital part of building a correct identity of our children; The real problem is that many people think that loving and correcting are opposed when the reality is that correcting is rather one of the expressions of love because those who love their children will correct them because they want the best for them in the future.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

Diseñado por John Olano Mendoza. Derechos Reservados 2015