Teach my Child How to Use the Rational Thought: Deduction and Induction

Teach our children to use different types of thought is very important because it not only develop their intellectual level but will facilitate their learning in school and beyond. The deduction is a form of rational thought is that the child reaches a particular unknown knowledge about him from one known general, while deduction is contrary, the child of a particular one general knowledge. Here are some tips for that:

1. Cross-examine: Let reasoning instead of giving answers to the questions he asks, from age 4 children often repeat questions that have already been given response, especially those related to previously established standards at home, instead of repeating the answers they should cross-examine

2. The Importance of Why: Unleash times when your child can answer a very important question in the development of this kind of thinking: why, because this type of reasoning is characterized by having as basis causality. Examples:

✓ When you have given the rule not to eat sweets every day and your child asks why they can not eat another, you can cross-examine: Remember what happened the last time you ate a lot of sweets, why we had to go to the hospital, what could happen if and ate sweets and you come back to eat more, etc., why you think you can not eat chocolate again

✓ Discipline is also an excellent time to think rationally; Example: What would happen if I said I warned you not to play with the ornaments of the table, what happened when you took the vase when, what will happen now that you've broken, etc.

✓ Perform guessing games, invent their own, entice you to play to guess the ages of the people as grandparents, cousins of the same age, etc. It should start with simple games and then make them more complex to easily recognize the response and prevent frustrated, help giving tracks, signals, etc.

✓ Reading comprehension exercises are excellent for developing this type of thinking, especially in cognitive conflict, mispapitosmismejoresmaestros.pe there are several issues related to this point.

✓ Practice as simple experiments to observe an ice cube melt: what if the ice cube bag refrigerator, why, etc.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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