Sort Toys Develops Thinking and Self-esteem of the Child

Sort toys not only develops a significant habit in your child's life but leads to important lessons.

1. When ordering toys in certain places or objects such as boxes, drawers or shelves .-
Develops mathematical logical thinking: the child learns to group, sort, establish relations between one object and another of similarities, of differences, of one or more common properties, etc. For example when a mother tells her son: here go cars, go in that other puzzles, etc., you are teaching classify; when he says toys are for arming, the child learns to establish one or more common properties and differences between objects allowing you to make mental processes such as analysis and synthesis.
2. When you allowed him to establish his own judgment for sorting his toys.-

Empower your level of creativity and helps him become more independent thus improving their self-esteem. For example, my youngest son 5 years has a box where I taught him to keep his dinosaurs but then in the same box was finding stones, collected in past times of visits to the beach that we did as a family. I took several times the stones from dinosaurs box and put them in nature box but he made them put there, then began packing plants in the same place. Watching when playing, I noticed he used the stones and plants to build the landscape of dinosaurs, he had established his own order that maybe for me was invalid but that turned out to be more complete and complex than mine enriching his creativity and learning.

3. When properly gives guidelines to sort toys

Improves their level of understanding and memory, learn to maintain an acceptable order is a habit that benefits today and in the future.
Some Recommendations:

✓ While smaller the child begins to arrange his toys will be easier to establish the habit.
✓ You should be an example, if your child sees cursing when dad picks towel left lying or if you deny ever asking you to sort your toys, then your child will associate the idea sort annoyance; however if you are showing calm, it shows how important and good it is sort highlights the final product having done saying: how nice is the bedroom when its ordered; You must help him in the process then your child will not only understand the importance of sort toys but will do so with a good attitude.
✓ Has adequate spaces in which your child can sort your toys as boxes or drawers, shelves, etc. If you want closer to reading and writing can textualize spaces with signboards that are not very decisive and allow them to set their own judgment for sorting. For example: a box with a signboard saying: assemble toys, etc.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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