Prenatal Stimulation: From When, What, and How to Stimulate Your Baby During Pregnancy

There are researches on prenatal stimulation and the results are astonishing, hence we can conclude that early stimulation plays a role worthy of consideration in the baby's life during this beautiful stage.

1. Affective Stimulation:
When: This activity should be performed from the moment the baby is conceived because the emotional bonds are very important for his healthy development both emotionally and physically.
Activity: Choose two main characteristics that you want to define your baby, for example: beautiful and wise or beautiful and intelligent, etc., also choose a sentence with which you can show your affection and with which to address your baby in the womb every day, for example: I love you or you are very special to me, etc., you will use these words or phrases as keywords when you are born, use them especially at times when your baby is anxious or crying and will realize that these will calm him because he is able to recognize them and above all will help him significantly in the development of a correct formation of his identity.

2. Hearing Stimulation:
When: The baby is able to hear sounds from outside including the voice of his mother from the 16th week of conceived, that is when we can start to stimulate this sense.
Activity: You can use a rattan or a box with beans or rice, you should be sitting comfortably and will sound the rattle or box gently moving it in different directions slowly, from top to bottom and from left to right. As you move forward the months you will notice that your baby responds with movements, increase the speed of exercise but not abruptly.

3. Taste stimulation:
When: At 9 weeks of gestation the baby's mouth and tongue have already formed, including tiny taste buds.
Activity: At this time expectant mothers should use to eat all the nutritious foods they would like their children to eat like vegetables, in this case it is recommended to eat raw and well-washed vegetables, steamed fish, etc. (5 Tips For My Child To Eat With Vegetables And Other Nutritious Foods

4. Visual Stimulation:
When: By the fourth month the baby has some sensitivity to light and is the right time to perform visual stimulation activities.
Activity: In an environment with very low light and with a small flashlight to focus on her belly, turn it off and turn it off by verbalizing the action: "I turn on the flashlight, I turn off the flashlight", then guide the flashlight up and down and from left to right gently (To exercise eye coordination important for the development of vision and learning of literacy).

5. Tactile Stimulation
When: The sense of touch is the first to develop since from the beginning of gestation the baby tends to separate from the uterus if any part of his body rubs it, however the recommended age to stimulate this sense is from the 12th week of conceived.
Activity: Sitting comfortably, using three fingers to touch her belly slowly and counting from one to five, she can do it three times, that is three sets of 10, so she will also start in mathematical logical learning.

✓ Maintain a stable schedule for carrying out the activities. ✓ Put the same background music, preferably Mozart, Beethoven, etc. For babies or soft music. ✓ Look for a quiet environment to carry out activities where there is adequate light and there is no noise.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Magister en Administración de la Educación

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