The doctor's diagnosis risk that would run my son and I to get pregnant, the unlikelihood of conceiving and doing the likelihood that not born completely healthy, two turnovers, three curettage, the third result of negligent surgical practice the second curettage and denial of the state by the high demand of requests just being able to submit an application for the adoption of a child, introduced me to the sad reality of the difficult consequences of saying no to life though my desire was completely opposed to it I I experienced some of those consequences.

When I lost my first two babies and when I almost lost the third by an oversight on my part because I had to do all the pregnancy in bed but one day I got up and hematoma almost slays who is now my baby, I learned not desire that is to say NO TO LIFE:
1. The sad feeling that leaves our being curettage, any justifiable reason the doctor as that of being born baby was born with a malformation, which barely had little time to feel alive or that something was failing in your body does not diminish that feeling of emptiness after someone who was part of your life and had life died within you and talking about this kind of feeling I do not mean sadness at having lost unwanted baby, that's another point that it is also very painful.

2. It is incredible to see how a baby can be as calm and confident in his mother's womb and only one decision can turn that security violently and worst of all his life. When the hematoma almost reaches the placenta where my baby was me took an ultrasound where I could see him moving confidently, without fear, as playing; not the guilt that came into my heart for my bad but thank God my baby was saved decision imagine.

3. After the curettage was told that the back trying to have a baby was a risk it could become infertile for life if he lost for the third time but as already mentioned by a miracle of God could have one beautiful and healthy but I was very weak and took a long time to recover from the caesarean, my baby was born eight months since my illness intensified the last months of pregnancy and actually is a very high risk try to conceive another.

It is easy to make a decision how difficult is to face the consequences, I have 22 years as a teacher of children in preschool age and each child is so different but so special time each chair once occupied in the classroom seems that had been I waiting, I have a 6 years old son that not only fills the house of joy with their games and occurrences but accompanies us to visit hospitals to pray and deliver toys to sick children, which is why I affirm to say YES TO LIFE because a baby and have been formed a few seconds is life and everything that has life brings hope and hope brings happiness and peace, especially the life of a person.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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