Myths and Truths About the Only Sons

For a long time the only children have been given the reputation of being conceited, self-centered and lonely, however experience has shown otherwise and that a considerable percentage of only children are successful children. Here are a few reasons:

1. Parents Pay Particular Attention To Only Sons:
On Being unique, parents can pay more attention to their needs, not only physical but emotional and intellectual, because it has more time to answer your questions, sit down to play with them, noting irregularities in its conduct and correct more patience, to show affection, etc., that when you have more than one child.
2. The Only Sons Limited Prove To Be More Responsible:
Precisely because it is unique and not having siblings is easier to assume responsibilities at home and thus project it at school and in society. When they are young and teach them not to leave things lying on the ground, for example, will have to do it because it is the only one at home who has been delegated said task, making it more responsible.

3. Parents Of Only Children Develop A Close Emotional Relationship With Them:
As parents only children tend to create strong bond with them by helping them assert their identity and thus achieve their goals.
How to Prevent Myths About Children Unique Become Reality:
The Solution To Avoid Selfishness Is Not Take Another Little Brother: There are children with more than two brothers who are totally selfish, this is a fact over training condition, we can teach them not to be giving principles at home permanently practice as: share cookies with who is beside her, teaching her mom and dad can also play with their toys if they wish, take it to places where they can socialize with other children, when they visit their friends or relatives at home, motivating and reward with words or gestures when they share toys, books, etc. It is important also to participate in activities where I can serve others as save money to buy a toy, clothing or food to give to other children or people taking advantage of Christmas time, for example.

Avoid Patronized: Always parents of only children hear this advice but rarely understand what exactly relate patronized means victimize either by their status as singletons or limit their potential, we do this, when we decrease the age for avoid complying with a responsibility or develop their potential, to be clearer, in the case of mothers who have everything ready for them, order their toys, tends them the bed, etc., for many moms have more time to do that They are having more than one child.

Teach Parents Have Their Own Space: Avoid egocentrism in singletons possible, teaching them to wait their turn attention (with this are also taught to be tolerant and normally being only they are treated immediately) for example when the occasion arises, by the way you should make you wait when you are going to deliver something or answer a need. Parents must also teach that while we have a time where we do a work at home or dedicate ourselves to something personal, they can do their own thing as playing, reading a book, etc. that will keep grow believing that everyone revolves around him.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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