My Son Doesn´t Like Kids Party

So exciting, the first children's party to invite our son, we strive to accompany him, dress him, in buying the gift and when we are there and the show will begin, one or more children of the guests, including ours or even the birthday boy breaks into tears and you can not calm him or what is worse, we can not even get in and we are at the door trying to convince our son come in. When this happens many times we worry, questions as if something strange is happening or if it is presented some psychological problems arise; Well, stop worrying unnecessarily, here we present some recommendations for your child to lose the fear of children's parties and is able to enjoy a children's party:

1. Identify the Cause of Fear for your Child:
✓ The main character of a party most times is the Clown, yet, is the one mostly because children fear for his painted face, wig, clothes, voice, etc. very strange for them, they are characters who never saw before at home and it's natural that some of them scared for the first time. Another misconception is that as your child saw a clown or doll in a party and scared him, he isn´t going to be afraid to see them again, but contrary to this, if we are treated the cause of fear, it can be enhanced rather than canceled.
✓ Another reason may be that children's parties are accompanied by loud music, if you used to your child to live in an environment without noise and arrives at a place where the sound is very high may be the reason why your child does not want to join the party.
✓ Although you think that's an exaggeration, there are children that fear is due to the amount of people gathered or there is within that group people who doesn´t know.
2. Respect their Times:

Help you face your fears does not mean pressing, not least resondre and punish, if after thought he had convinced with words or awards to attend a party, make it back home because they no longer want to enter. You. Know better than anyone your child, you can realice if your child is going through a really stressful when you are attending a party; do not push, apologize to the person who invited him and support your child in that time; my son at the age of two to four years would not hear of children's parties, as it was a hypersensitive child, following an illness that took over two years (brought sensory therapy at three years old), he was afraid of high music and the show, but gradually from age 4 began attending parties and not want to miss today and loves to participate in the show.

3. Respect their Tastes and Preferences:

Many times when a child prefers to be in games or standing by the table eating sweets without the show call them little or no attention, some parents worry that their children have relations problems or something strange happens to them, but usually it is not, but just as we adults, children have tastes and preferences inherent in his character and personality, there are adults at a party prefer to talk and make friends, others who prefer dance and others who simply sit and relax and eat.

4. Coordinate Go to the Party with One or More Friends Known for their Child

This will help you not only feel and identify with others of the same age in their new venture.

5. Do not Try to Convince them with Words or Awards; Instead of that, help them accustoming to the parties making their own party at home.

✓ Get yourself some candy, decorate the room with balloons, invent any reason to celebrate with a party for instance: birthday party of one of her stuffed animals or dolls, etc.,
✓ same you work with your child help you face your fears as follows: develop a costume (with colorful clothes, masks, strong makeup, etc.) and tell your child that they will play to the party and you . It will be the clown and need to help him dress, let him or her put on makeup mask and then your child, if you wish, also do; You can ask the following questions to help you participate: What I lack in the face to look like a clown ?, What I have to get in your head ?, etc.
✓ Ask your child to choose the music and gradually encourage him to turn up the volume more and more.
✓ Make games, laugh as could be, help to change the chip of his head: party = fear and replace it with party = fun.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

Diseñado por John Olano Mendoza. Derechos Reservados 2015