Mom at 40

There are many fears that women have become pregnant after 35 years of risk considered but now there are also many women of those ages living that situation. What is medically recommended that pregnancies are given before that time but due to external factors to give our will, as in my case because I married older, this blog is for you.

Some Advices:
1. In cases of pregnancy at this age is recommended that you consult a good doctor as for you. Not necessary only to take folic acid or special milk but it is very possible that you need special preparation and monitoring more detailed than the a younger woman.

2. Do not take risks, follow the advice of your doctor, if you are unsure caesarean section or natural childbirth.of the diagnosis consult two doctors or more from the way that should give birth whether it will be by.

3. Not the same educate a child to 25 years to 40 because, physical strength is not the same, but there are also very good advantages do:

✓ Wait so long for a son creates greater expectation to have it so are children who feel very loved despite pregnancy has been difficult, I made a high-risk pregnancy for both myself and for my son whom I almost lost the third month despite having done all pregnancy in bed, but he is a child that felt in the belly rather than the fears and pain or discomfort suffered love to have him, now this does not mean that all pregnancies that occur in this age group should be the same as mine, my case is a series of medical record I had, I know of cases of people 50 who gave birth without any problems.

✓ Mothers who are older have a very special they expect their children view, time has helped them to have experiences and to choose those which serve them for raising them, when I was single could see other families They educated their children, that allowed me to draw conclusions from what might or might not work with my own.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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