Learning to my Child when Playing on the Beach

Beach time comes and the children are happy, to load shedding, towel, sunscreen, snack and buckets of different sizes, castles or molds for making figures with sand, sieves, shovel, rake, etc. better be avoided bring both toy beach but if we knew everything that our children can learn with them in the sand and the sea is the first thing that we would keep in your backpack.
1. Transfer:

✓ When the child plays with casts of beach pails to transfer, ie move sand or water from one bucket to another or from one mold to another, etc., train your muscle coordination, that is what will help you gain strength and needed to use a spoon or fork to eat, to load objects, to later write muscular dexterity, etc.
✓ Learn despite making comparisons: water combined with sand heavier than water alone; what weighs more despite being the same amount: water or sand, etc.
✓ It teaches measure amounts to reason mathematically when a larger container passes a smaller or vice versa and realizes that the same measure of full content differently as different package sizes.

2. Play with Sand and Water:
✓ Walking barefoot on dry sand, water in the wet sand are different sensations that allow you to better know your body for better cognitive development.
✓ Playing with dry and wet sand allows you to exercise fine motor skills necessary for coloring, drawing, cut with scissors and writing later.

3. Playing Alongside the Shore:
✓ The sea contains iodine, potassium, zinc and trace elements that allow muscle relaxation and sea air can relieve the discomfort of respiratory diseases.
✓ If your child is afraid of the sea do not insist you approach it, can help you lose the fear bringing water in buckets so you can play with it in the sand, slowly want to make them yourself and ask you to accompany the sea ; each child is different and everyone has their own time to adjust, do not worry or bother for your child not perceive your anxiety and frustrating go to the beach instead of enjoying it.
✓ Do not forget the sunscreen will check every hour including ears to avoid skin burns your child.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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