Is It Possible To Correct Our Children From Babies?

The classic question that parents ask us is whether it is appropriate to correct our children since they are babies or what is the appropriate age to start doing it; As an infant teacher I have been able to observe that most of the inappropriate behaviors that children present are mainly because parents do not know some important characteristics of the development of our children especially when they are babies that would help us improve favorably in this aspect, here we expose them of some misconceptions that we create based many times on our own fears or wrong teachings.

1- Babies Do not Understand What's Good or Bad:
A baby begins to sketch his first smiles when he sees his mother approach or when something pleases him, noting that smiling also appeals to those around him and doing so intentionally causes an answer positive in them shows that he is able to understand what others like so he is also able to realize what they do not like according to their reactions.

2- Allowing them to Behave Inappropriately Because it is a Baby:
Many parents think that because they are babies, they can be allowed to react incorrectly because they are not in the age to correct them and there is a lot of time for it, however correcting the behavior early will be more Correct it after the baby has repeated it several times.

3- Celebrating the Inappropriate Behaviors of the Baby:
Many times the parents highlight a bad behavior of the baby because it seems very funny that someone as small can respond as it does, honestly there were some times that I could not contain the laughter to see me son to do the same thing as a baby, but the only thing we can do with it is reinforce the wrong behavior, use phrases such as: "Look what he did, what bandit he is", "Look at him, so small and so scoundrel", etc., It will only be to draw attention to an incorrect reaction or behavior rather than eradicate it.

Recommendations to Correct the Baby
1- If the baby is able to learn what it pleases or not to his parents by the reactions that they have then he is able to learn what is right or not in the same way.
2- Correcting a negative reaction on a baby in the right way involves:
✓ Use a clear and precise language, for example: "Do not throw the dish with food on the floor", using the word "NO" will teach you to associate the idea of wrong with the behavior of not doing it, some psychologists assert That the word "NO" should not be used because it is not very constructive according to them, however if it is used properly it will not only help us in the formation of the character of our children but above all it will keep them from dangers and disappointments.
✓ Show consistency not rudeness: Being firm is very different from being rude or violent, to be firm is to speak in a consistent tone, looking into the eyes, can be firm and tender while speaking, need not raise a voice, or complain nor use threats or negative qualifications.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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