Improving Educational Success in our Children as PISA

Vietnam surprised everyone with the results of the PISA 2015 assessment, the first time participating and considered a Third World country, surpassed several developed countries including England and the United States, the 2014 Shanghai ranked first and are the countries with an Asian educational system as Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea since 2012 who occupy the top 10 positions in mathematics, but what is common to these countries leading them to achieve such high scores, we'll see in our blog .

What PISA Assesses
PISA corresponds to the acronym of the program as spelled out in English: Programme for International Student Assessment, that is, Program for International Student Assessment. The evaluation covers the areas of reading, mathematics and scientific literacy. The emphasis of the evaluation is on mastering processes, understanding of concepts and the ability to act or function in various situations within each domain.(

What Characterizes the Education System in Asian Countries Winning High Scores in PISA since 2012 and that Parents Can Apply to our Children?
1. Education is considered as a valuable factor for the development of their societies
A high budget that the governments of these countries devote to education is an explicit message to society and this is reflected in parents who do not dismiss invest time and money to achieve quality education for their children. These are countries where money buying books is reversed and are in the habit of reading, parents are partners in the education of their children and do not delegate all responsibility for the education of their children to master, are countries where libraries, museums, art, technology, robotics, etc. recurrently visited by students not only as part of scheduling a class, but as the product of a self-taught exerted by parents in their children

2. There are other countries where children attend their schools attend workshops and extracurricular languages, music, art, sports, etc.

In most Municipalities Lima offers workshops for children at very low cost and many of them are offered over the Internet.

3. Discipline

The respect that students have to master allows them to receive more intent teachings and discipline yourself is a very important for the achievement of learning factor, a child who knows how to obey the most basic rules of conduct is more difficult than you can concentrate on what you learn.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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