How to Teach Our Children to Avoid Bullying

There is nothing to worry about parents that our children are victims of nicknames or teasing is more, much is spoken and taught on how to deal with bullying but few times we prepare our children not to become victims this, thanks to the experience I have as a teacher for children from 3 to 5 years I have been able to observe the importance of teaching them to respect but also to be respected, unfortunately often in schools are taught to respect others but not to respect themselves.

Adrián Intrieri, degree in specialized psychology troubled teen in his book Anti - Bullying, How to Destroy the Monster, he writes: bulliynger looking people he thinks he can not effectively defend, and thus can overcome without difficulty ... is why in this blog I give some tips on how to avoid in the future that our children are victims of bullying through respect for themselves.
What do You do When your Child Tells Him that Another Child has Insulted or Annoyed?
1. There is a Big Difference Between Alerted and Alarm.-
If you can pass then alarm fear of his son and thus the inability to defend themselves, be alert instead is:Listen, be informed if another child behavior persists against your child is aggravated or otherwise disappears and contact the teacher if necessary.

2. Think Before Speaking Instead of React.-
What I have noticed is that when children are victims of nicknames response of parents is for example: - But if you're not big-headed, that child tells you that because he is a bigeye. - This type of answers harm rather than help the identity of our children as indirectly is accepting what the other child is saying, very different would we tell them: And is it true what that child has told you ?, Do we will ever have called it ?, your head is bigger than the child but not mean you're pigheaded, some have a larger share than the others in our body, etc .; and if it is not true why would you do if then, if not it ?.

3. Take Necessary Measures .-
The previous strategy served me favorably with my son when he was 5 years and for some health problems presented language delay motivating some kids laugh at him, it is important to note that I also care put in therapy, if we see that there is a possible reason for restoring that can somehow promote mockery, with this I do not mean that we do nothing against it or less or that is just the action, as the case my child must support to improve the area that needs it.

4. Teach them to Seek Help in the Proper Channel.-
Another problem I've noticed is that most times teachers learn that a child is a victim of nicknames or teasing when parents complain with them, we must teach our children to be able to count not only their parents in the first instance of what bothers him but to the authority where he is, who has the freedom to do so without fear.

5. Teach Them to Express Their Emotions.-
To be able to express if something does not like or upset, for example: I do not like what you're saying; we can work this look at home asking questions about how he was in school, if amused, if I had any problems, why, etc.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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