How to Start My Baby in Reading Comprehension

The earlier practice of reading comprehension in children, more and better results will be obtained is started, it is very important because:

1. All education and later career or profession you choose to follow requires all kinds of readings (books are math, literature, chemistry, history, etc.) and to achieve effective learning must understand what is read.

2. The reading comprehension requires mental processes that develop their intellect helping to improve the troubleshooting that may arise.

3. Reading and understanding enrich social skills and trains people for leadership.

Baby and Reading Comprehension:
✓ Select appropriate books for age, cloth books are recommended especially for babies or thin books, all laminated and thick material with short great figures and texts that allow them to explore, bite or suck no problem, every so often time can be washed and give them back on without any problem.

✓ Read to setting a schedule, it is recommended that reading is practiced with babies after bathing because it is the time when they are more relaxed, always putting before him the book. . You should read along with your finger from left to right with suitable voice changes and respecting the punctuation mark and admiration, it is recommended to exaggerate; from 5 months you can sit him with the help of pillows and provide greater insight of the book.

✓ Babies like to be repeat the same reading for a long period of time as it is known; You can read the same story a few weeks and then change another, it is important to observe their reactions to it.

✓ Place the books they read in a visible place for him so that they can reach them when and crawl around and get used to have its own library (may be a piece of furniture specifically for that, a box that can handle without problems, etc.)

✓ From 5 months or sooner or later, according to the development of your baby (understanding that this does not mean that because it starts before or after 5 months whether or not smarter than other babies to avoid pressing down or frustrate because each baby has its own level of development), after having read the same book several times, asking him to point out, for example, where the bear, where dad is, etc., encourage him if he responds with babbling is trying to go as . repeat what you say to him or asked to answer, as you grow can change the type of questions, for example: where baby sleeps, how the face washes the bear, dances like the rabbit in the story, how dad was upset, etc. ., that will help you learn and imitate actions is a very important process in learning this growth period. Clap or praise his speech during reading or understanding work.

✓ You can also make a photo album, starting with photos only family: father, mother, brothers and him, another photo objects, etc.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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