How to Prevent Our Children Suffer Accidents at House

Accidents are often unavoidable especially when our children are smaller and are discovering a new world, so it is important to prevent these from happening or if they were to happen that do not give so severely, that is why we want to give some tips:

1. Teach the Meaning of Word NO.-
Kids will love the forbidden, so we must be firm in saying that things NO should take or what things should not approach the first time may not understand the meaning but to remove him or remove the object understood to mean NO, insisting do then to apply the necessary correction.

2. Avoid Running Risks.-
Especially with the following objects and products:
Receptacles: We may use protectors outlet to cover or simply cover them with masking tape.
Furniture Corners: The corners of the tables are the places where children are struck when they start walking and become more independent, cornerbacks have a low cost or could also cover them with three or more layers of masking tape.
Batteries: Especially small and circular, currently the most toys use these batteries, it is recommended to review and verify that the batteries are properly covered, these batteries has caused many cases of infant death in infants, because they tend to get everything found to mouth.

3. Be clear in the Rules .-
There are some points on which we must pay close attention, apart mainly of them out of reach of children in the case of:
Medicines: If they saw us take a pill, for example, we would have to explain that only mom can take them because it is not prescribed to him and therefore he could cause a lot of damage, ideally prevent us see him do it but it is important to understand that they are watching us and are in the stage of learning by imitation so it is essential to always give correct information.
Disinfectants, Chemicals, etc. : It is important to devote time to the precautions to be taken on this issue, marked with a visible symbol and known to them that means danger help much; since my son was two years old I showed that the skull symbol means danger and should not touch or drink the contents of the packages containing it, especially disinfectants, explain that their use is only for housecleaning and not to drink or to play helps establish limits, as is often the symbol warns the danger is small, I took the time to make a big one in each bottle with black marker indelible ink so that he could see, and 4 years was not necessary because it was able to associate disinfectants danger if such concessions are used for another purpose that was not clean the house.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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