How to Present My Child the Death of a Dear Family
Dedicated To My Most Beloved Father
Juan Sakuma Mundaca
1932- 2016

It is very painful the death of a close being like that of grandparents, uncles or even sadder of a father or brother, nevertheless parents should be prepared to communicate to our children in the most correct way, so we give some advice:

1.- Supporting Our Religious Convictions:
This is not only very favorable but also healthy, for this we must have taught them, according to our beliefs, the meaning of death as the transit to a place of rest or peace; In my case, when I announced to my 6-year-old son the death of his grandfather whom I saw almost daily and loved very much, I told him this way: "Son, your grandfather is very happy talking and dancing with Jesus," he He replied immediately: "What mother, the grandfather already died ?, I will miss it" and cried.

2.-Its Important How, When and Who Communicates:
Whoever communicates to the child a news of this nature must be one of the parents, despite being a very difficult time and can not help crying, we must make an effort to do so calmy, looking into his eyes and watching the reactions he may have to help him.

3.- Allowing him to Fretlessly:
Each child is different, some may cry a lot, others may cry, others only when they miss the loved one and others simply miss and not cry, what we should avoid is to believe that he is insensitive to pain or that he did not love the person he lost; What we should pay attention to is that he does not know how to express his feelings in order to help him and also be ready to comfort them.

4.-Give Him a Special Detail.-
Being able to give them something simple but meaningful will help them to reduce their sadness because they are children and their answers to certain circumstances are less complex than the adults ;; my son after giving him the News I took him to a market near my house and bought some dinosaurs that he had been asking me for, you can prepare him something to eat of his preference, give him a candy, etc.

5.-Evaluate Whether or not to Take Him to Burial.-
Depending on the circumstances, the level of sensitivity of your child or how you reacted to the news decide whether or not to bring your child to the wake and / or burial, in my If I decided not to do it because they are moments where people express their pain and my son is sensitive to those situations.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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