How to Prepare my Child if Would be Lost

A situation that no parent wants to face is the loss of his child but even if it is a situation that we must strive to avoid we must prepare our children so they can overcome it and we can find them easier.

1st.- Give Confidence and Security:
Avoid comments like if you doesn´t eat comes the crazy and will take you, if you doesn´t obey me I'll give you to any person who pass on the street, etc., as those phrases come to light when we are in difficult situations. We should talk to them must obey the instructions given to you to not be lost as:
✓ Always keep a distance not lose sight of the person accompanying him.
✓ Look from time to time to the caregiver and is very entertaining at what he does and if it is possible to make any contact with her to tell what is right or something is not right as a stranger comes close .
✓ Do not talk to strangers or receive anything, especially sweets, or follow others that their parents have not authorized it.
Talking to children that if lost, something of course must ensure that does not happen because it is dangerous, should not be worried because mom or dad is going to find because they are adults and know how to do, to wait assured that they will come to them and they will not go home without taking them with them.
2do.- Teach Saving your Data More Importantes:
A two year old child is able to learn his name, trhee years from can learn your full name and in some cases telephone number (preferably mobile number of the person with the one that goes for a walk or any of its parents), a four years child can learn in addition to your full name and phone number, address.
3ero.- Looking for an Agent Near Security
Someone know that by the sad news we hear in the media, sometimes it also represents a risk, but if your child is lost in a mall or fun center, etc., people safety they are prepared for such eventualities as it is very common for children to get lost among the many people who are lost and is a safer response to your child instead seek help from a stranger.
Finally, even you has been scared much for the loss of your child, when you find him must try not to alarm, nor scandalized, it should be displayed serene and at home ask him to tell you what happened, why he lost and how he can prevent happen again; this is called learning by mistake, but hopefully not give any time with ours.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

Diseñado por John Olano Mendoza. Derechos Reservados 2015