How to Help Our Children When They Have a Delicate or Long Treatment Diagnosis

When I was diagnosed with cutaneous vasculitis my two-year-old son after many painful exams mostly (they did two endoscopies with biopsies), a long and difficult one year treatment with corticosteroids along with a soft and very strict diet that Lasted two years and a convalescence of a year and a half more, was highly delayed in all areas of development, even in the social area, the wonderful thing about all this is that not only could improve in those areas but also potentiated its strong areas, If you have a child who is going through a similar time, then maybe this blog can help.

1. Despite Everything Always Create an Environment of Hope:
My son spent a lot of time in bed and it was very difficult to see him like this, especially when he cried in pain and the doctors did not find what he had, tried several medications that did not work until Could diagnose it because cutaneous vasculitis is a disease that is more common in Europe and not in Latin American countries, however I always tried to find a place in the house that felt comfortable where there were windows with adequate lighting and said: "Today is a beautiful day that God gave us", the truth is that in all that difficult time I saw no response in him and there were days when I lost hope and did not tell him, but at age 3 and when the storm was appeased, came in the morning, looked out the window and said: "Mom is a beautiful day that God has given us", that is if he had received those words despite his situation, remember that good mood is very important To get out of a difficult time, especially when it comes to children who

2. To convey to Them Much Love:
Physical contact when we massage them is very important, to speak tenderly to them, to tell them that we love them gives a better result than to cry or complain about the situation we are living in front of them; If the physical state of our child forces us to bathe them in bed using a sponge with water as in my case, then we must take advantage of that moment to express our love, that we are with them and that we share with this difficult time.

3. Apply Appropriate Stimulation Strategies:
One thing to keep in mind is that no matter how much your child has been delayed or in what areas, you can help him or her recover; My son could not take to the streets because his disease was autoimmune and corticosteroids lowered his defenses also had no vaccines from two years on and so I had to take him to the neurologist to rule out some brain disorder, however in the time that I could and in the convalescence I began to read simple text stories with large and attractive images (remember that because of the delicate state in which they are we must try to have material that is very attractive), I put children's music Which would allow him to identify words or sounds in an adequate volume; Take advantage of teaching him mathematics when you give him medicines, for example, you can say: "You get the first tablespoon" to learn ordinal numbers; He can teach science and environment if he comments: "This medicine is ... .. sweet and knows to ......... strawberry", etc. It is also important to take it with the appropriate specialists in stimulation, if you need language therapy, sensory stimulation, etc. In Lima the San Juan de Dios Hospital and clinic is highly recommended in these cases although there are also clinics that provide good service in this sense.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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