How to Get Ready for a Baby's Arrival After a Loss During Pregnancy

I had the great blessing of being able to have a child, but I also had the sad experience of losing three babies during pregnancy, finally I had to go through the painful experience of four curettes, one of them was because of the bad medical practice that was done after second abortion, after the third curettage I had the blessing of being able to have a baby but after this I had another loss. There are those who think that only strong people can overcome this type of experience but the truth is not so much about strength but to be able to know the moment that is being lived to overcome it and prepare properly to try again to have a baby, that is why In this blog I expose some of the emotions that can arise when we live a circumstance of this type and how to overcome them:

1. Being Intentional Faced with Disillusionment:
This emotion is the one that can affect women who have suffered the loss of a baby during pregnancy, when expecting a child creates a great expectation not only in the wearer but also around her; A baby will create a change of life that leads to new goals, desires to progress, to grow not only as a person but in all areas as it enhances the maternal instinct of protection; In front of a loss it may seem very difficult to recreate this special atmosphere again but it is important to note that during this time hormonal variations are present that can increase this type of feelings but that will eventually become normalized by what we must strive to put our gaze on the achievement of new goals such as adequate preparation to re-try to have another baby (always under proper medical supervision). As an example, after the third curettage I looked more intentionally for a doctor with more experience in my diagnosis who really helped me: my problem had not been to conceive, my problem had been that because of the multiple diseases that my uterus had suffered, therefore, by strengthening it and keeping the medical recommendations as absolute rest all the pregnancy I was able to have my baby, after being treated in a hospital, a recognized clinic in maternity and another in fertilization with three different doctors only a doctor of a known clinic could give me the right attention and support me effectively.
2. Avoid Depression or Stress to Facilitate Treatment and Conception:
Being able to see that for other women it was so easy to conceive, procreate and fully enjoy pregnancy when it meant a time of insecurity and fear because I had already had two losses, my baby and I were high risk and almost weekly had to take ultrasound to see that everything worked well brought on me a strong feeling of failure. Failure is a feeling that leads to depression, we must take into account that we must eradicate certain arguments such as a woman only fulfills its purpose if you can have babies as formerly believed, success lies not only in having a baby but in educating it correctly so it is a privilege that also demands a great responsibility for those who live this experience. If our mind is clearer, without guilt or negative emotions we will avoid the stress that can bring the intense desire to conceive along with the treatments that can be carried out to achieve it and in spite of any circumstance we will enjoy the pregnancy and what is more important we will avoid In which we can transmit any negative feelings of fear or insecurity to our baby.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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