How do I introduce my child in the Thematic Reading Books

Regardless of whether or not our children know reading is very important to introduce in thematic reading books; there are dinosaurs, the universe, space, about princesses, animal, sea animals, extraordinary animals, etc., pedagogy considers a child read from that is able to approach the interpretation of a reading by indications that it offers, such as the presentation of the theme and the figures presented (thematic books for younger children are very well illustrated). Most parents take to offer themed books to their children because it minimizes their ability to understand but very pleasant surprises have led us to work with this kind of reading is why here we give some results.

Benefits of Using Themed Books Children Preschool Age:
1. Improving the level of attention, concentration, reflective reading and Symbolic Representation:
Using thematic books allows the child to use striped sub, annotations at the foot of what you read, write your own code as an X, for example, if something is not (as the example shown in the picture left) these resources not only facilitate the development of the level of attention and concentration of children, it allows you to analyze what you get; underlining and annotations it then lead to the formulation of their own concept maps, summary tables, summaries, timelines, etc. As mentioned above you should not necessarily read or write, we can take them to that level or coding using pictures that they believe simply using whiteboards or flipcharts and markers with motivating and encouraging parental guidance..
2. Develops Motor Appearance:

The position of the fingers to turn the pages is tweezers, this exercise will train you for the correct use of crayons, colors and pencil. When a child inspects a lexical material must provide adequate space, with adequate lighting, natural light where possible, should be read from left to right and it is the eyes that should not move the neck or head, less the book.

3. Knowing the Parts of the Book:

Read the title of the book, mentioning the author's name, then read the dedication, index and glossary and ask you to think and opine on what is, read the introduction and then topics (in the preschool age child replays loves reading text) allows you to learn the parts of a book reflexively. When we buy a book usually are sealed, this is a good opportunity to teach them to read the front cover and the back briefly what we can learn about.

4. Improve your vocabulary and level and Speaking:

As a book about specific topics always include a new and simple age-appropriate vocabulary reader, in this case for pre-school age, while more new words the child knows the higher your level of comprehension and oral expression.
It is the child who must select the book according to your preferences as you should enjoy what you read to learn, you can motivate by example with a cartoon you have seen on television or in film and we liked where leave an animal that does not know and struck him and tell him he can look for a book that animal to learn more about him and other animals he does not know and would like to hear; or perhaps he did not call attention to the character, but where did the story or story may be the forest or sea space and you. can motivate buy a book suggesting where to learn about forests, oceans and space, etc. . The child is by its nature highly interesting research is discovering the world for being easy draw you into reading the topic, it is also important that when you drive it, you. Show an interested and fascinating attitude accompany him on his journey.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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