How Mom entered my Brother in your Belly?

One of the first questions that children in pre-school age are made about sexuality is about how babies are procreated, here are some tips on how to do it correctly:
1. It is important that we answer them with truth but truth that expose them uncomfortable or risky situations, ie must be a truth according to their vocabulary and comprehension level; for example, when a patient visits his doctor, he will explain the condition being treated using different than speak of the same disease with a colleague, so do children language.

2. Care for our attitudes when we talk about it, should not be uncomfortable or even embarrassing time is a time of learning about a natural and beautiful fact:

✓ We must treat the issue calmly and carefully because it is the right time for other questions that may arise concerning him according to the level of understanding of the child; no children 5 years asking to know how is forming the baby, which is fed into the belly, how to breathe, etc., that is, given a learning space rich not only in the scientific field but also in the language.

✓ At this time you can percatar if you learned the wrong things about it that he took, he was taught at school or heard someone say and can correct them.; for example there are children think that babies give to the mother in the hospital because it was so chose to believe to not hear an explanation of what happened at home.
✓ Can alert you to a situation of risk in which your child can be found; for example, in discussing such issues at school they have been cases in which a child at home said a close family made improper touching him and the parents had never noticed it.

Explain How the Conception of a Baby is:
One of the examples as nursery teacher education have taught children about this issue that has not only given them a real, satisfying and age-appropriate explanation but most importantly has caused confusion not applied in most schools Initial education is as follows:
Your father loved your mother, they married and put a little seed in it with love, that little seed joined with another seed that had a mom, when she joins became you, a baby who grew and formed gradually until after nine months, when he was ready to breathe on his own and feed born.
When it comes to single parents may obviate the action: to marry but not advised to ignore the attitude: love, be the case that the relationship did not work, because the self-esteem of children is mainly strengthened by the fact that it was created by love and not by mistake. In the case of children in difficult situations created pro sexual rape counseling as a specialist on the subject it is recommended so you can help and guide the mother so that this in turn can lead your child properly.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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