Only for Single Parents
Dedicated to my Beloved José and María

I met my husband who is currently as a single dad, he lived with his daughter Mary, a beautiful pre teen 10 years, currently has 19 and is studying administration. Be a teacher of early childhood education for 23 years and my personal experience has helped me to understand from different angles one of the situations experienced by a significant number of currently parents singleness, in this blog we will discuss some myths and truths which I hope will be of helps those who read:

✓ While it is very difficult to raise and educate a child without the help of the parent it is not true that their children are at a disadvantage to those who come from a home with both parents; in recent years as a teacher I have been shown that the percentage of school failure for children of single parents is proportional to that of children in households with two parents including as regards the behavior and problems that may arise that require specialist help. In conclusion: A single parent child can achieve their goals regardless of the status of single parents.

✓ The children of single parents should not take place in any sense that a parent did not assume; I have observed as a teacher that children in this situation came to problems of behavioral or psychological problems have been those who, most cases women, mothers have become participants or accomplices of information them due to age children have no known process and has confused; for example the case of a mother who is unburdened with her daughter the pain of abandonment dad; Another example: a mother who tells his son that he will take the place that his dad left, etc., this brings confusion to children, the burdens of weight that is not theirs to take: the pain of not having a parent to her and bring pain or hatred of his mother or father for abandoning his partner.

✓ True and clear with your children to talk about Being will help them to evenly handle the situation they live: Hide the truth and tell it without judgment can be very harmful to the child, no matter what the reason why we live the situation of single parenthood, we must take care how we pass on to our children, something I observed in my husband is never spoke ill or misspoke of Maria's mother and he did not agree with her on some things, he always felt and told Mary that he loved her and she was happy living with us and especially explained that his mother and he had decided to take the decision to separate problems of which she had witnessed and it would be unwise clarify them. We must consider the child's age to go giving the right information and are able to assimilate.

✓ Restore is important, this topic is difficult to treat, a parent with guilt can not exercise their role properly; personally see my husband asked for forgiveness Mary for not giving the home she wished with his mom and him together made me participate in the restoration of the heart of both; while children should not judge parents for their past, it will help restore this fact and do not give power not only give them the freedom to love their children but also to correct them and train them.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

Diseñado por John Olano Mendoza. Derechos Reservados 2015