Children Form Confidently, Reason at the Children of Singapore are So Smart

The blog Porqué los Niños de Singapur son Tan Inteligentes (Amanda Seil, CNNEXPANSION, October 5, 2015), tells us that according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), school children in Singapore they are the smartest. After the Second World War Singapore was in a deplorable state because Britain stopped her as main port, closed its base in that place and leaving, but now Singapore is one of the best performing economies in the world due to education and training. One reason behind this success, according to Andres Schleicher of the OECD, would be:

Children with Confidence Form Because that will Help them be Adaptable children
Diana Ong, director of Pat's School Sembawang Country Club, considered Pre school education is very important because they are the foundations of education: Not only would a smart kid, but you want an adaptable child. Here we offer some principles to train children with confidence.
1. Your Words must be Consistent with your Actions
✓ If you promised something to your child must fulfill it, that will give an atmosphere of security and confidence.
✓ Better to promise less and accomplish more, promise only what you can deliver.
2. Enrich Your child Self-Esteem

✓ Although it sounds a cliche, the early years are the most important for the formation of self-esteem and those directly responsible for this are the people closest to him, his parents. A child learns to know who, how and what can be achieved through what their parents say.
✓ Value it is important not only highlighting their physical qualities, saying: you´re handsome or you are beautiful, how beautiful color of skin you have, etc., but also value their virtues: you are a very honest boy, you're smart; or use phrases like: I'm proud of you, you can do it, you're a champion, you worked and that's the most important, you are very important to us, etc.
✓ Avoid using negative words like: you're a disobedient; instead should qualify the act, for example: disobeyed; instead of saying you're a liar, telling lie, etc.

3. Help to Face your Fears

✓ Do not push him or scold him, help him, for example most children are afraid of the dark and not go to the bathroom at night, leave a lit kitchen light or any room in the house so your child can feel safer or you can also buy a small flashlight to use it. In the next blog we will discuss this issue.
✓ To speak properly, it is very different to say: care you're going to hit¡(we are instilling fear) to say: careful, do not do that, so you do not hit.

4. Encourage Participation in Various Activities or Environments:

✓ Often parents limit their children, for example, how many times we hear people say: I do not like museums and not take their children to museums. The more experiences of all kinds as field visits, beach, museums, market, etc., your child will be better able to relate to their environment and that will give greater confidence.
✓ Give him the freedom to play, dirty part of the game, it allows you to experience different situations.

5. Changes Propitiate your Child to Participate in House:

✓ For example: Invite him to help change the order of furniture, every so often, in any area of the house: shelves, desk, toy box, etc.
✓ Suggest different activities to the usual: for example, one day eat Japanese style on the floor, on a mat, picnic or playing, etc.

6. Establish Discipline

✓ You set limits to protect children and help they were giving them greater confidence, these limits must be intentional, they should be directed to the formation of values
✓ For example: obedience is a value that is formed through a balanced discipline, a child who does not obey at home did not obey at school therefore can not take advantage of the resources that are there to provide learning.
✓ Another value in Asian countries is considered important is honesty (Recall that are the Asian countries that higher scores have had in recent evaluations of the International Program for Student Assessment PISA), if a child is honest, can be yourself which will help make the changes necessary for its growth as a person; instead a child who believes that lying is a game will be more difficult to accept the changes that have to do for himself.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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