Being A Child Sociable Opens Large Doors To Him

Many parents complain of shy children but it is important to differentiate between shyness as a result of not having a correct identity or may not have been trained in social skills and possess the characteristics of a particular temperament as his own introspectividad the melancholic or be observers as phlegmatic, but in both cases it is very important to develop social intelligence in our children, here we give some reasons why:

1. Develop Leadership Skills:
Currently large companies looking to hire people with leadership skills and teamwork, a child who has the ability to relate to others develop these skills, are adaptable to changes, respond the way right against the rejection, failure or success, are tolerant, capable of solving conflicts, etc., of course if they are educated on principles.

2. Enrich the Level of Communication and Knowledge:
The interact with other children or adults in different spaces (can socialize with children to play in parks, with market vendors, engage in conversations with people who sit at their side when they travel, etc.) allows them to enrich their level of communication and as a result they open a wider view of knowledge compared to children who only relate to others of the same age or only in family groups.

Helping My Child Develop Social Skills
✓ Any Situation Is Timely:
When you go shopping, teach he himself approaches to ask or ask for what you want, if it is 4 years or more, help him to request more data on what you are interested to buy or know, as the value or other characteristics characteristics; The same strategy should be applied when you visit a zoo or museum guiding you to ask the person in charge when the location of the bathroom in a mall seeks, in a restaurant when asked something to the waiter as the account, etc.

✓ Affirm Continually Positively:
A child with proper identification will be easier to relate to others, a child is treated with name calling, shouting, constant taunts, etc., it is difficult to be assured of being accepted by the others he feels that neither his family is, so it will not risk new relationships. It is never too late to start, give them value our children with our words, attitudes and gestures is very important in the early years of their lives.

✓ Communicate Properly with Them:
To promote dialogues related to their interests, answer your questions in as we can pay adequate attention, accept that we do not know everything and that you need to consult with books, internet or other people about what interests them know, etc.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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