And Now when I Enroll my Child Workshop

3 recommendations for an intelligent decision about the choice of workshops for our children.
1. Respect your Preferences.-
This is the main recommendation for parents to give their children different options to choose from on the workshops they would like to carry; who they enjoy attending the workshop they chose facilitate learning them and everything will empower.
2. Consider your Talents.-
Preference is usually linked with talent, but mostly the parents who can see what talents highlight their children because they are the ones who know their preferences.

Preferences or Talents
✓ Arm or build things.
✓ You interested in how certain appliances or machines work.
✓  Numbers, mathematics.
Robotics Workshop, from 4 years, children can design, build, build, build, and in some cases take their own robots.

✓ Observe and / or investigate the nature.
Science Workshop
Experiments Workshop
Mini Workshop veterinary
Workshop Peti Zoo
Bio cultivating my garden
co adventure
Agrarian universities, Cayetano Heredia, San Marcos, Catholic, Huaca Pucllana and parks like Legends or Huachipa among others dictate such courses

✓ To know history or past events.
Archaeology and Paleontology workshop for children

✓ He likes stories, stories, puppets, theater, etc.
Workshops mime
Workshop masks
Theater workshop, puppets, clown, etc.
Building workshop stories.
Circus workshops, juggling, magic, etc.
Such workshops dictated in some universities, theaters, museums and Municipalities of Lima.

✓ He likes movement, sports.
Workshop swimming, football, basketball, martial arts, etc.
Workshop gymnastics
Dance workshops
Ballet workshops
✓ He likes music, dances, etc.
Workshop drawer for smaller.
Workshop drums, flute, etc.
Guitar workshop, recommended for children from 7 years
Singing workshop
✓ He likes drawing, painting, crafts, etc.
Visual arts workshop
Drawing Workshop
Origami Workshop
Museum of Art, Museum Mali, etc.
✓ He likes cooking.
Workshop Minicheff

3. Take them to be Responsible with Workshop
Parents often fail to take their children to the workshops or fluctuate in attendance or are tardy, remember that although one of the reasons is to enroll is to enjoy the time and keep busy, the child through workshops you can:
- Develop areas of learning at home or in school are less stimulated.
- Learn to be responsible, attending no longer depends on a note but his free decision.
- Finish what you started teaches you to be consistent.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

Diseñado por John Olano Mendoza. Derechos Reservados 2015