All that my Child Can Learn Through Board Games

If your child has a weak area that needs strengthening or you just want to set the stage for new learning, what better to do it through the games, they are a fun choice, here we give you some examples:

1.Ludo: You can play from the age of 4 with help from parents
✓ Reinforce counting objects whenever advancing a position, achieving important for learning and troubleshooting indicator.
✓ Reinforces the concepts of advance and retreat.
✓ It teaches you to think in problem solving; When you take for example 6 in the die and is allowed to throw again and getting 3, then you must first move 6 spaces and then forward 3 spaces more, increasing further amount is added, you can tell your child. now advances 3 spaces MORE , highlight the word then always to associate with the sum. Another example is when your piece is close to the target and one missing as 4 spaces to get to it but it takes more than the amount needed and has to go back, there is learning to subtract.

2. Who I am: For children ages 5 and up, although indications suggest that children from the 6, if they are provided with the game by reducing the number of figures and showing them before so they can ask the right questions will not be problems, it should be the clarification that are changing some rules of the game they learn to play alone, as they learn to ask the questions the game is played more cards without showing them before, you should also help when making questions.
✓ It helps enriches its vocabulary level and both their expression level and understanding.
✓ Helps you associate ideas, classify, analyze concepts, etc., train your mind.

3. Monopoly: For children from 5 years in this game if it is recommended to follow the instructions as presented for the first time, it does not depend on it that whether or not easier to do but how much aid has the fathers.
✓ He enters the world of finance, teaches concepts such as purchase, sale, goods.
✓ It teaches the value of the notes using numbers gradually will realize that there are greater amounts than he knows and the world of numbers is very large and infinite.

Besides the Board Games:
Develop character and self-esteem: Learning principles such as respect because they must follow rules and wait their turn, tolerance and perseverance if you are losing a game, the family unit when they play all family members, communication when they arise conflicts within the game, etc.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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