5 Tips to Help our Children Overcome the Fear of the Dark

Fears that affect children are very different from those we have adults, while adults fear fail, be rejected, etc., the smaller what most commonly affects them is darkness, lost, or hear loud noises some kind of animal, if properly observe the process of acquiring these behaviors we will realize that most are the result of inadequate rather than the product of trauma habits. In this blog we will give some guidelines to help our children to overcome these fears banishing some wrong beliefs, begin with the common fear of the dark:

When He Grows will Lose the Fear: While this may be in some cases like fear of the dark there is a risk that this fear can grow or be replaced by other types of fears, which is why we do need to implement strategies for we can help them overcome them.

Teach Them to Be Brave Doesn´t Means Do Not Be Afraid: This is more common in male dominant societies and when the children mostly are men, courage doesn´t consist not fear but means to face their fears and product properly it these will dwindle.

It is Justifiable Fears Inherit: Many times we think it is normal that the fears that parents have or have had children also have children when they should not be. We more than anyone know what those fears may or may not have affected our lives and do not want our children to go through it.

5 Tips That Help Our Children to Overcome Fear of Darkness:
1.- Accustom from Babies not Leave the Light On Overnight Sleeping:
If most of acquired fears are learned then we must start early to prevent this from happening. For safety when babies are could leave a lamp or the light on a continuous room or in front of the baby's bedroom, but as it grows should turn off the light using proper communication: “I'll turn off the light so you can rest easy because the light will not allow you to do”. This strategy applied it with my son and very young every time he went to the bathroom, which was not in his bedroom, he stood alone without any light or wake turn us.

2.- Accompany Correctly Face His Fears:
Way not to violate or force a situation of this type, such as turning off the lights at once, what should be done is, for example, to leave them a flashlight and say: "If you need light night, I left a flashlight so you can use it "; if it is too small to do it then leave at first light on and off when it is about to fall asleep.

3.- Keep Using a language Fear:
Use phrases like "if you do not behave, the cuckoo will take you", "if you go to the street will take you crazy"; this kind of language is what instills more fear instead of respect or obedience.

4.- Save the Composure:
When a power outage occurs instead of exalting or scream, we present it as an adventure, also when coasting down a dark place, instead of showing discomfort is our duty as parents to make them feel safe.

5.- Make Games that Help to Develop in the Dark Without Fear:
When are babies are games like hide under a blanket, talk during this game, its important to still recognize in the dark mom is there to protect him, say for example: "Light (covers her face with the blanket), now there is no light"; when they are a year or more hiding in the closet, in large cardboard boxes, etc.

In the next blog we will discuss the fear of animals, especially the dog, if you. Are interested in this topic or another related to this topic, please let us know through your comments, thank you very much.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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