5 Tips for my Child Eat Vegetables and Other Nutritious Foods Without Problems

Vegetables, beans, fish, etc. are the most nutritious and important in feeding our children foods but are often not want to eat too. Particularly I have not had problems like this with my youngest son thanks to some advice I received and put into practice and I share in this blog:

1. Pregnancy:
At 9 weeks gestation and have formed the mouth and tongue baby, even their tiny taste buds (http://espanol.babycenter.com/v25011437/el-sentido-del-gusto-de-tu-beb%C3%A9-video), thereafter expectant mothers should eat all they would like their children to eat vegetables, in this case recommends eating raw vegetables and well washed, steamed fish, etc.

2. Assume that there Nutrients that Does not Like your Child:
If you look around, there are families where the children do not eat certain vegetables that parents or people who raised them and they do not like is for the simple reason that if a food does not like we do not buy or prepare at home depriving our children to offer them.

3. Our Children Eat What We Want to Eat:
Eat vegetables before them, for example, with a good attitude, highlighting the phrases that say that what we are eating is delicious and giving them to know with the right gestures enjoyed it we're doing positively promote them to eat nutritious foods without problems to give them.

4. Be Firm:
Often parents get scared when children begin to retch when given to eat something they do not like frightened but instead must ensure that not a product that got stuck or are otherwise ill must correct the behavior.

5. Be Creative to Mealtime:
Serve dishes in an attractive way, there are simple recipes on the internet where are served salads and combining colors; another way to be creative is to ask them to help us prepare for example broccoli to salads giving it separate into small bouquets or chop tomatoes with a table knife, etc., always under supervision.

It is Important to Bear in Mind:
✓ The earlier you begin with the formation of nutritious eating habits will be easier acquisition, early I mean before two years.
✓ If you start to form nutritious eating habits in your child after the age of two years of age should be firm and have patience. Let's start from less to more, not try to impose a lot of food but slowly patiently but without yielding territory.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

Diseñado por John Olano Mendoza. Derechos Reservados 2015