5 Tips To Get the Best Pictures of Our Children

Parents love to photograph our children, especially when they are small, as this allows us to remember your best moments: those who make us laugh, move, cause admiration, etc. Professional photographer Jorge Oré from the Jorge Oré Photo Studio and professor at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (jorgeore12@gmail.com, www.jorgeore.com, mobile number: 997 753 201) gives practical tips for beginners and great dads in this topic thanks to the vast experience that has as master of photographic workshops aimed at people of all ages, including children interested in entering the world of photography:

1.-What Camera Should I Use? How to Configure the House?
✓ To get good photos do not need to have a professional camera, you can use any photographic camera and even cell.
✓ If using semi-professional cameras or professional, we can obtain different effects in photographs.
✓ No need to be a professional photographer can make some adjustments to the camera to achieve better results:
✓ We disabled the Flash:
• Allow to obtain images with natural lighting of the moment.
• You avoid eye damage newborn baby.
✓ Should be sought lit places of natural or artificial manner (detailed below).
✓ White Balance: White balance to calibrate the camera according to the lighting of the moment. Make sure the white balance is in automatic or modify it according to the lighting of the place.

2. Lighting Management
Before taking photos look well lit well lit places, places where I mean to enter as much natural light: Foreign, playgrounds, windows or a skylight.
If taking pictures indoors or in poorly lit places, we can rely on artificial light to achieve better results: Lamps.

3. When and Where Should I Take Pictures?
At all times. Babies grow so fast that there are many details that we see every day and when we least expect the can lose.
There is a myth which says that the perfect photo is where the child leaves smiling, is not true, there are very beautiful photos where the baby comes out thoughtful or a child leaves smeared with food. Here are some examples of times when you can capture beautiful pictures:

✓ Waking baby
✓ During her bath - tub
✓ hair full of shampoo
✓ face smeared with food
✓ When eaten by hand
✓ Crying
✓ Laughing
✓ Scrambling
✓ Walking
✓ Running
✓ Playing
✓ Different expressions (happiness, surprise, curiosity, etc)

4. Details:
No photo across the child's face should appear. There are beautiful pictures of details. Ex.

✓ Baby Hands
✓ ears
✓ eyes
✓ Toes
✓ Taking the hand of breast.

There are many more moments to take pictures. The key is to observe and take time to make the photo.
5. Techniques
For a nice photograph it is important to observe. Do not make quick photos, carefully watching the screen of your camera. This will allow you to see if you should order the place, remove or add things or maybe find another place to take pictures if for example, you are taking pictures and see that there behind chairs, bags, etc.

A good photo should be clean, ie, there should be little in the image.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

Diseñado por John Olano Mendoza. Derechos Reservados 2015