4 Tips to Identify the Talents in My Child

It is important to identify the talents of our children because it will allow us to support them to empower them so that they can succeed in the future. Here are some points that can help:

1.- Observe Your Preferences:
For example, if your child likes to build Legos he does not necessarily have to be an adult engineer or architect, but he may has a profession related to the mathematical logical area, especially with age the preference continues in the same course but in a more complex form; For example, if until the age of 4 he liked everything about dinosaurs but then he grew up and his interest in it diminished but he began to attract new themes such as volcanoes, tornadoes, etc., then his inclination could be towards the sciences. Not always a taste will determine the profession or activity that exerts but can significantly influence it.

2.- Help them to Discover Their Talents:
When they are very young, children can give them experiences that help them gradually discover their talents as they take them to zoos, museums, art galleries, exhibition fairs, etc. Many times we take our children only to places that we like or we think they are attractive for them, for example maybe we have a famous artist in the family but since we do not like museums we do not take them to those places, in this We must be judicious, if we go to a museum, we must see that it has a special room for children, as most museums do not have them then take it to the areas that are more attractive to him and take a short tour the first few times; There are other activities you can do with him at home to discover his talents such as promoting the sale of lemonade in the summer, for example, play Monopoly, etc., to identify if your child's talent is business.

3.- Interview Your Teachers About This Topic:
Teachers are very valuable support in this subject, they are those who because of the experience and knowledge can help us to know better about our children, the notes are also an indicator, although not determinant , of what the talents of our children may be.

4.- Help Him To Enrich His Talents:
Discovered the potential of our children we can help them to develop them by enrolling them in activities related to them but that are fun, for example in the case of children who like to build Legos could also like the workshops of robotics , If you like animals then you could enroll him in a veterinary workshop for children or otherwise carry out activities as mentioned in point two.

5. DNA Is An Important But Not Determining Factor:
Although there are cases of families where the father was doctor, the son and the grandson also, that these are given as a result of a natural inclination and not of a tradition, in the In case of my son the inclination for business is visible from the age of three, it should be clarified that his father is a seller, one day he was in his language therapy the doctor was asking him to name the objects he taught him on different flash cards to which my son answered him; Five soles; That is to say, he had created his own game of selling and buying the objects of the flash cards instead of paying attention to what was asked of him that was related to the area of communication.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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