4 Aspects That Help Define My Child's Sexual Identity

The issue of sexual identity is a topic very much discussed at the moment, in this blog we do not pretend to cause controversy about the sexual orientation that the parents want to offer their children, but we will give some important points on four aspects that will serve the families of Support to guide them in the sexual identification of their children:

1.- Presence of the Father.-
It is the main point to treat in the subject of the sexual orientation of our children, the quality relation between father and children of both sexes male and female is basic for their learning in this area; In the case of families where the paternal figure does not exist, we can rely on figures who are examples and inspiration for them as relatives: grandparents, uncles, teachers, leaders, etc., this is not intended to replace that role but will be of great help Together with the accompaniment, supervision and proper guidance of the mother.

2.- Types of Games.-
Playing the house for example, is not a type of game that we encasillemos as feminine as long as the role that the child plays within that game, since there are different roles as that of dad, mom And that of the children, another point to consider in this game is the age that it has when it does, that is why parents should be attentive to the conversations or types of games that our children practice and the role they play within they.

3.- Friends With Those Who Relate.-
Especially in the case of men, there are children who tend to abuse others psychologically and from childhood we must teach our children how to defend themselves and not accept words, attitudes and even actions concerning Their sexuality, childhood is the time in which they begin to know each other for what their parents and friends say about them and that is why we must pay attention to the type of friendships they have.

4.- How to Dress Up.-
Discovered the potential of our children we can help them to develop them by enrolling them in activities related to them but that are fun, for example in the case of children who like to build Legos could also like the workshops of robotics , If you like animals then you could enroll him in a veterinary workshop for children or otherwise carry out activities as mentioned in point two.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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