4 Advantages for Using Books Instead of Internet for Homework

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While the Internet is an important resource and is not at all harmful use primarily as an educational tool for providing information is updated, dynamic presentation and practice to be found; outweigh the advantages that books offer a comprehensive learning for the child, must maintain a balance in the use of both media, the balance is that the former does not replace or surpass the second, here we give you 4 reasons:

1. Train them to have a good level of focus and concentration
The books to be considered an educational means more passive in his presentation that the Internet require readers to exercise at a higher level of care for use.

By presenting rapid and vivid colors images does not require the child to pay greater attention by contrast, it can hinder; thus it happens that there are mothers who complain about their children because they are not able to concentrate on a recreational activity more than 3 minutes, we should ask the question in these cases, how long does my child Internet ?; so does the uncontrolled use of televisión.
2. Cognitive Conflict Vital Allows for Effective Learning

To find the information you need to read a text to summarize, analyze and understand. When a child looks at a text can arise questions like why, what, how, etc.; or adult can hacérselas by teaching and motivating reason to find the answers.

On the internet just put a word of desired information and easily find, though often not allow cognitive conflict and therefore does not take advantage of reading comprehension exercise.
3. It Teaches them to Enjoy Reading

Cognitive conflict will cause the child to find answers providing satisfaction and pleasure of reading, training them as book lovers.

Reading fulfills one of its functions is to obtain information but not always comply with the terms of enjoy it.
4. Favors the Emergence of New Learning

It may be that the new text read unfamiliar words or topics that knows little and that motivates him to search for other books and expand their knowledge arise.

The answer to the required information is to be specific and concrete, this is not bad, on the other hand is less fallible, but in most cases does not allow learning new issues.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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