3 Responsibilities I Can Give My Child From 3 to 5 Years, And Learning How To Phrase Them?

Between 3 and 5 years it is perfect for habit formation time for it to be effective we must make time learning fun, here are some tips about the responsibilities that they can have not take into account those that already started learning from past ages and should already be refined as ordering their toys, but started before these tasks do not worry read our previous blog and adapted it at the age of your child. (http://mispapitosmismejoresmaestros.pe/entradas/espanol/Cuando-Como-y-Que-Responsabilidades-Debo-Darle-a-mi-Nino-de-0-a-3-anos.html)

1. Help Serve the Table:
Ask the table mats to place according to the number of people who will sit at the table, order covered the right way: spoon and knife on the right, fork on the left, which double napkins, etc. From 4 to 5 years, depending on the maturity psychomotor proving to have, you may be asked to pick up the dishes from the table, but we must be careful with glass vessels.
This type of activity is excellent for logical mathematical learning because it allows you to perform exercises correspondence, laterality, counting, sorting, etc., likewise it is also taught to take initiative and become more autonomous and develop their fine motor skills to folding napkins and arrange the table.

2. Making the bed:
At first ask your child help to do so, to be put to the other end where are you to cooperate by extending the sheets or quilts, then explain that goes first and who goes later, from the 4 or 5 years let him do it alone.
Making the bed allows you to learn cardinal numbers: first, second, etc .; notions as first - finally, development of fine and gross motor.

3. Help Save the Clothes in The Drawers:
It is recommended to start asking to order stockings dad or mom that are larger and easier to handle, teach you make buns with each pair is an excellent exercise for developing motor skills fine, at first it can be difficult and you have to help.; find the pair of each half teaches you about sets and classified according to color and / or shape and most importantly develop a greater bond of affection toward their parent (depending or who are stockings) because you are serving.

When You Teach Your Child Responsibilities Note:

  • Praise the effort used to carry out the activities, as I explained in the previous blog the goal is not your child makes them perfectly but, with practice, will refine.

  • Always have the right attitude, show that what he is doing is a nice, important and beneficial activity for himself, the tone of voice you use must not be rigid but should be the same as that used to play, try to accompany this type activities with appropriate music.

  • You can make a list to help you remember what your responsibilities are accompanied by photos, you must be specific and should not exceed more than 5, consider that some are not daily cone keeping stockings, for example, which are permanent they are ordering their toys and making the bed.

  • You can set according to their own experience the responsibilities that touch your child: to help you peel peas, to help her carry something when out shopping with him, etc.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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