3 Great Benefits of Reading Learning Maps My Child

Read maps to teach our children from a young age has great benefits, currently the majority of parks, museums, malls, etc. They have one income but few parents who stop to extract the most out of their children. In this blog we present some very important benefits that our children get to read maps and also a tutorial video so they can see what types of questions can give to facilitate reading.

1. Develop your Level of Comprehension and Oral Expression:
Read requires a different vocabulary as well as daily maps using words to help you explain your ideas, in this case addresses like: go straight, turn left, turn left, near after, before, etc. They also learn to identify the legend of a map and understand being able to associate a symbol with meaning; for example, the number three is the bathroom according to the legend, then you know that number three on the map is the bathroom.
2. Strengthen Math Concepts Location in Space:

Identify near, far, near, distant, etc.

3. Reinforces Laterality:

This as the above are important lessons in the readiness of children in preschool age as the knowledge of their body image as well as being home base for literacy, use terms like turn left or right on graphics is a breakthrough knowledge of handedness and more fun to do mechanically tasks where color drawings to the right or left of himself.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

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