3 Great Advantages in the Relationship between the Taste of my Baby Throwing Things to the Ground and Development of His Thought

From five or more months, especially when they have taken the position of sitting, most babies enjoy throwing an object on the ground and see what happens with them, this is an activity that helps a lot if we took the best advantage because it allows us to develop their creative thinking in addition to applying from a fortuitous event an action such as that to fall out a toy can draw their own conclusions through observation and experimentation.

1. Allows you to observe an intentionally caused him to observe it better.

2. Create your own hypothesis would happen if the object fell again, a baby thinks more freely than an adult, you are discovering all may think that the object will return to it on its own or that the object is part of the mom because she is the one who returns, etc., it´s a great place to develop your level of thinking time.

3. Check your assumptions of what would happen if happen again.

How to Convert this Action into a Profitable Activity for the Development of Thought

✓ Let's give a toy of different material each day and then give two different material and building up to three or four. These can be of rubber as small balls, plastic, including those that produce sounds like the rattle (objects that do not break falling) or cloth so that it may also be noted that not all produce the same action to fall, some produce noise, some bounce back, some not, etc.

✓ If the baby is born you experiment with the object that way alone take the time by chance you drop an object not necessarily a toy can be the spoon, bib, etc. and leave a time in which you are interested to find out where he is, not to do call attention to the object: where will your bib?, etc., so it is preferable not initially put many toys but one to four and then change them.

✓ This activity is best used when sitting in the highchair from where you can best observe the fall of objects and what happens to them.

✓ When pulling objects are conducive an excellent time for baby's language development, talk to him:

• What happened to the rattle?
• Does the rattle fall?
• So, what can we do now?
• What you sounded?

✓ Acknowledge your babbling and movements such as kicking a response, for example, when asked if you want to enable pick up the toy or not wait for an answer from him by a gesture or babble, if not given at the beginning be patient because it may be that you are creating your own answer to what happened.

✓ As is experiencing growing and learn the principle of gravity and you. You will teach to what you drop will pick it up.

Rosanna Sakuma Arevalo
Master in Educational Administration

Diseñado por John Olano Mendoza. Derechos Reservados 2015